Project Added to Portfolio

2018-05-12 Coding
I’m happy to announce that I’ve just completed work on a new front end web development project for Stellar, a digital design agency. I’ve been having a lot of fun coding all across the stack, but more recently I’ve partnered up with some incredible designers and have been focusing on really honing my front end web development skills. More and more, my work has turned towards the front end side of things. Continue reading

Update From the Road

One of the commonalities of a DIY tour is the seemingly endless feeling of tiredness and exhaustion that one experiences. There is something almost divine about it; where constant work, with every aspect of your being, creates this feeling of fulfillment and exhaustion that goes beyond what one experiences in daily life. Such is the life of an indie tour musician. AL1CE is still very much in a building phase, and as such, we’re putting in the groundwork to really create a solid foundation for the band to grow on. Continue reading

AL1CE Blood Moondrop released and other fun updates

2018-02-02 Music
Hello interweb friends! Thanks for coming to my blog. It has been a while since I’ve posted, and yet another AL1CE Moondrop has been released: “End Of Times (Redux)” is now out on all major streaming platforms. If you have been a fan or follower of AL1CE since our first album, “End Of The Beginning”, you will notice that this is a re-release of the first track. I can’t believe it has been nearly 8 years since we put that album out on 11/11/2011. Continue reading

AL1CE Moon Drop for December Released

2017-12-07 Music
“Waiting For You”, our Moon Drop for December has been released! Every month I feel like I learn something new about mixing and mastering with my Apollo UAD system. Two or three releases ago (I forget which) we (the band) collectively decided to keep all of our mixing and production in house because the cost was just beyond what we could afford. We don’t really make much money from these releases so the best thing we can do is try and do as much of the back end/production related elements ourselves. Continue reading

New blog is up!

I’m super excited to announce that I’m doing a complete reset for my personal website and blog. My goal is to use this as a dumping ground for my thoughts and meanderings on my current projects. I have a lot of projects in the fire right now that are in some stage of completion so I think that I can learn by tracking my progress here. Current Projects http://www. Continue reading