New blog is up!


I’m super excited to announce that I’m doing a complete reset for my personal website and blog. My goal is to use this as a dumping ground for my thoughts and meanderings on my current projects. I have a lot of projects in the fire right now that are in some stage of completion so I think that I can learn by tracking my progress here.

Current Projects
  • - Tourouter is a SaaS that I created earlier this year. It is still in more or less alpha stage, and I haven’t been able to put the time and work that it deserves into it for a while. Part of the purpose of this blog will be to document my progress with that, and to keep myself in check. I am a full stack developer, and have been really inspired by the Indie Hacker movement (see for more on that).
  • The Alice Project - The Alice Project is essentially a home-grown independent music label that encompasses many of the musical projects that I work on and collaborate with on with other incredible artists and friends. Right now, our most active band is AL1CE. AL1CE is a surrealistic, performing arts based musical project that has been releasing one song and one music video every month since July of 2017. It has been an incredible experience in many ways - but the one thing that has started to stick out to me about delivering one music video and one song per month is what it actually takes to finish something on a regular basis. It is a huge undertaking and every month we always find ourselves keeping track of where the moon is (since we release on every full moon, when the moon starts getting close we all start to feel the squeeze). Additionally, I have started my own foray into mixing and full music production - and each release I feel like I grow 10x more than the previous. I’m excited for 2018, and I hope that again I can track a lot of my goals, progress and insights when it comes to music production.
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