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2018-05-12 Coding

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just completed work on a new front end web development project for Stellar, a digital design agency. I’ve been having a lot of fun coding all across the stack, but more recently I’ve partnered up with some incredible designers and have been focusing on really honing my front end web development skills. More and more, my work has turned towards the front end side of things. Having a deep background with back end technologies is really useful when working on the front end - but what I’ve found to be the most fulfilling aspect of front end web development is getting the chance to couple good design with well organized code to create incredible user experiences. Coming from a code standpoint, there is a lot that can be done to compliment a good design; whether it is creating an easy to understand file and folder structure for your scss, to ES6 modular JavaScript, to semantic and accessible HTML markup, there is a lot to enjoy.

With Stellar, I’m working with some incredible designers so it has been a great challenge to really up my front end coding game when it comes to creating close to pixel perfect, responsive and multi-browser compatible websites. I can definitely say that I’ve already grown by leaps and bounds. Anyhow, check out the newest addition to my portfolio here below.

Stellar Digital Agency - Software Monetization Landing Page:

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